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Frequently asked questions

What are IP renewals?

IP renewal fees are levied by Intellectual Property Offices. Depending on the jurisdiction that your IP right is filed in, you will need to pay the renewal fees to maintain the IP right.  If the fees are not paid your IP right will lapse and you will not be able to enforce it in the jurisdiction.

How often are renewal fees due?

In most instances patent renewal fees will be due annually, trade marks every 10 years and designs every 5 years. The main exceptions to this are US patents where renewal fees are due at 3.5, 7.5 and 11.5 years from grant.

When and how do I pay?

Your renewal reminder will contain instructions on how to pay. Once you instruct us, we will issue an invoice to you which can be paid via BACS transfer, cheque or phoning with debit/credit card details.

What happens if I fail to renew my IP in time?

In many countries the renewal fee can be paid during a grace period though extra fees will be involved. If the grace period has expired and the fees have still not been paid then you risk losing your IP rights.  It may still be possible to reinstate your IP rights but this will be costly and not guaranteed.

What happens to my renewal fee after European Grant?

Once your EP case is validated in your selected designated states you will receive renewal reminders for each territory. You will no longer be able to pay with a single renewal fee to the European Patent Office.