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Patent, Trade Mark and Design Renewals

Our service is based on quality, flexibility and responsiveness. Our clients have free access to an online instruction portal, making the instruction process fast, simple and secure.

Withers & Rogers Renewal Services

Online instruction

You can view upcoming, due and outstanding renewals and choose to renew or abandon cases at the click of a button.


We offer competitive and transparent charges. Our renewal quotes are fixed for 28 days for increased cost predictability and we do not issue cancellation fees, or any other hidden charges. Service charges are agreed according to portfolio size.

Responsive team

You can expect client orientated and proactive communication via a knowledgeable and responsive team. We focus on cultivating personal relationships so you can expect to speak to the same person every time you have a query.

Flexible service levels

Manage your IP renewals using any one of our three instruction service levels:

  • auto renew
  • monthly reminder
  • annual renew

Alternatively, use a combination of all three options across your portfolio.

IP portfolio management support

We can offer renewal cost forecasting for budgeting assistance, annual statements listing all live cases and tailored reports to suit our clients’ individual requirements.

Broad client base

Whether you are UK based business with one intellectual property right, a leading international business with a large portfolio, or an attorney seeking services, we would be happy to discuss your requirements and meet your renewal needs.

Contact us

+44 20 7940 3600

“W&R Renewals’ continued delivery of an efficient ‘one-stop-shop’ patent renewals service, in which I have full confidence, reduces the burden of portfolio management and frees up my time to develop other aspects of our business,”
Dr Teodor Aastrup
Executive Vice President, Attana.

Additional services

Translation service

We offer a translation service specialising in: Patent translations, Technical translations, Legal translations (e.g. Notice of Opposition) and Business translations (e.g. business letters).

We are able to translate documents into English from most languages including several Asian languages, and from English into a number of European languages.

European validation service

We offer a service to validate European patents in the UK, which is often accompanied by preparation of the claims of the European patent into English.  Our sister business, Withers & Rogers LLP is able to validate European patents across Europe at a competitive price.