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UK IPO renewal fees increase

After a period of consultation the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has announced a number of increases in fees for applying for patent protection and the renewal of granted patents.

These fee increases come into effect from 06 April 2018 and will apply to anyone applying for and renewing UK patents.

Renewal fees for year 5 to year 11 will see no increases. However renewal fees from year 12 through to year 20 will see a modest £10 per year increase. For example, year 16 will rise from £410 before 06 April 2018 to £420 after this date.

Patents with a renewal due date after 06 April 2018 can benefit from the current (pre-6th April 2018) rate if the renewal fee is validly paid before 06 April 2018.

Therefore, clients with a larger mature patent portfolio, which they wish to renew and maintain, might benefit from reviewing their cases in advance of 06 April and instructing cases to be paid prior to this date. This will allow some modest savings on a case by case basis, which would be more significant over a larger portfolio.

For any clients wishing to take this approach with their renewals please contact or your Withers & Rogers attorney to discuss further.

For further information please refer to the UK IPO website.

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